A Man for Mia

Reading romance novels is a reward at the end of the day and nothing is better than getting wrapped up in another’s adventure to fall in love. However, there is nothing worse than getting half-way through a story only to realize that the giddy romance has turned into a raunchy bedroom scene. I decided to put my own experiences from hours of reading to good use. On this site, you’ll find reviews of the many, many romance novels I have read. All books reviewed here are clean with no “bedroom scenes”. I hope this helps to improve your romance reading experiences.

Linda Kage
Contemporary Romance

“Maybe she was freaked out from you trying to murder her.  It’d sure jumble my brains a bit.”

Drew was practically raised by his sister and he would do anything for her.  So when he finds her, insisting that her husband is cheating on her with the woman living at 410 South Elm Street, Drew offers to investigate for her.  The problem is, Mia doesn’t seem like the type to date a married man.  She’s more the type….for him.  There must be some other explanation.  For Mia Stallone, it’s been a long and hard three years since tragedy struck.  She had never wanted to move on, that is until she met Drew.  But Drew is so desperate for answers for his sister, Mia isn’t sure she can trust the feelings budding between them.  Mia’s owes her roommate a lot – certainly keeping a secret.  Loyalty puts them on opposite sides, but love wants to pull them together.  Is there any hope?

My Opinion: This was a fabulous book.  To be honest, I thought it was going to be a little depressing considering the deep subjects it deals with, but the author does a wonderful job with it.  Mia is tortured with the guilt of trying to move on, but excited at the prospect of love.  Drew is torn between loyalty to his sister and his interest in Mia.  Their romance is a sweet roller coaster and incredibly believable.  The side story of Mandy and her husband is well written and almost more of a second story rather than a side story.  Though I felt little sympathy for Piper, she played her role well.  The plot was well formed and kept your interest.  Altogether it was a wonderful story that pulled you in and eventually made you smile (after a few tears). 

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.