Life on the Edge

“I didn’t know if I was looking at Sergei as if he was my whole world, but he certainly was making me feel like I was his entire universe.”

In the world of ice skating competition, relationships between a skater and a coach is frowned upon.  Emily knows this.  But it doesn’t stop her from falling for her coach Sergei.  True, she doesn’t know a lot about his past, but she knows the electricity she feels for him.  But acting on it could jeopardize both of their careers, and let down her partner.  Should they try to be together in secret or can they manage to convince everyone that their being together is ethical?  And can a relationship actually survive the coach/coachee relationship?  Perhaps it’s too much to ask for a gold medal and true love…but which one do they want more?

My Opinion: This was a much more enjoyable read than I had expected.  Although there is a lot of technical jargon relating to the sport and it covers a lot of time, the author does it skillfully and keeps you interested and excited.  Every time I thought the story might be resolving, a new twist was thrown in to give it new life.  Sergei was a good character, though fallible and very human.  Emily is a strong character with easy to relate feelings and reactions.  Their romance is sweet and fun and a roller coaster.  The side characters were wonderful and filled in the world of ice skating, friends and competition.  Everyone came to life well.  Altogether an exciting and fun read.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.