Reading is a good habit

Reading is a good habit, but if you have still not developed this habit, then here is what you can do. Those who read once in a while may find it difficult to concentrate on a book. After a few pages, they start to get distracted and then turn on the television or computer. It seems that you have been carrying the book for months and not able to finish the book.

If you are one of those struggling to read, then try this website for some great tips that can help.

Take out time to read

You have to schedule reading into your daily schedule. If you do not, then you will not be able to squeeze it anywhere because the other projects and commitments are crowding your day. Even if you can spare only fifteen minutes to reading, put it into your schedule. It could be the time that you travel to work. When you do this, you give this task importance, and it will ensure that you read daily and do not ignore it.

Take a book with you everywhere

A book should be a part of your checklist of things that you carry out with you. You do not fail to carry your phone, keys, and wallet. Make sure that you add books to this list too. If you take a book with you always, then this can let you develop the habit of reading.

Have a reading list

You need to do a little bit of research here in case you are not sure where to start from if the books that you have picked up earlier did not impress you. Create a list of the exciting stories and books that you would like to read. It would help if you did not overdo it. A good target would be to not make a list of more than 20 books for a year.

You need to know when to give up a book     

Reading needs to be an enjoyable experience, and it should make you feel happy. If you think that you are yawning and straining yourself when you are reading a book the try for a few more pages. If you do not feel involved even after that and if the books end up frustrating you then give it up.

Books need to excite you

If you want to get into the reading habit, then you need to be excited about it. Read a review of the book online to know what people are saying about the book. If the reviews and narrative make you look forward to reading the book, and it sparks curiosity about what could happen next, then pick up the book.

Have you been reading a lot lesser than before?

As an eight grade English teacher, I have been at my wit’s end trying to inculcate the habit of reading in my class. I have till now set deadline, have come out with exciting book reviewing contests, pitched the slowest readers for show and tell and also urged the principal to upgrade the school’s library.

The trend to read is going up but apparently what a lot of children and adults too are reading is mostly the posts and tweets from their social media handles. Now my puritanical sensibilities will not allow that to be called reading. Can it!

There are so many benefits of reading books that I am going to not be able to tell you entirely in one article. What I am going to do is divide the articles into five parts for ease of reading. However, you can click here for info on how to read all the five articles consolidate.

  1. It enable mental stimulation:

A strong mind will definitely let you be in the driver’s seat for longer. If you do not want to end up with Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is important to give a good exercise to your brains; and what better way than to read?

Reading along with solving puzzles and playing games such as Chess can be particularly stimulating thus prolonging the onset of such mentally debilitating diseases.

  • Want to de-stress? Pick up a book:

There is nothing better than picking up a book and losing yourself in a good story. It will not just melt away all your tensions but will fill you with new life. Try!

  • What you accumulate is all yours!

Whatever you learn from reading is what gets stored in your memory. Research points out to the fact that a well-read person is very confident even in the face of adversity. The confidence arises from the fact that the person feels that he will be able to live up to the challenge because he has read about it sometime in his life.

  • Reading increases vocabulary:

Reading even two pages on a consistently daily basis can considerably improve your vocabulary. A person with good vocabulary automatically is able to converse freely and confidently with people especially those that are higher ups. Being able to speak confidently can lead to having a bigger circle of friends as well as a great boost to your self-esteem.

For the love of god, read! Because if there was anything else that could better replace it books would have become redundant and extinct. Reading every day with discipline is what will stand you in the long stead. So keep on keeping on.

If your idea of a perfect getaway

If your idea of a perfect getaway is not picnic to a farm or an amusement park but to a library or a book store that you recently discovered, you are most certainly bibliophile.

Now the term bibliophile may be overtly used for people who are seen as nerds or with books most parts of the day (well, also the nights) but in the etymologically truest sense, it means ‘a lover of books’. Meaning to say that the person loves books loves to smell them, loves to be in the midst of them most of the time and ahem hoard them too.

Consider this: Priya my friend decided to change her residence recently. She is an architect and a designer by work and her home was tastefully done; the furniture bespoke and out of the world elegant. But she chose to sell them all at peanuts to travel light. And what she did instead is packed truckloads of her books to the new home at double the expense.

Do you get the drift of what bibliophile is! Yeah!!

Let me take you through some sure shot signs of spotting a bibliophile. It may include you also!

  • You have two sets of the same book (or may be more)

You may have an emotional connect to some of the titles. One book is effusively for the bookshelf that you have and the other is for loaning it to friends. Because you do not trust friends to bring your book back without spoiling it with dog ears or marking them with pencils.

  • You are constantly judging people from their choice of books

Okay, even if you are not, then you love people who carry books with them all the time. You kind of instantly bond over with them. Breaking ice is easier with someone who has a book on them. You can simply start a conversation revolving around the book.

  • You are constantly looking for furniture to store your books

This one is a given. With books abounding, almost threatening to use up every walkable space in your apartment you are always stalking places where you can find good ideas to store them.

  • Arranging the books is a top most priority on your to-do list

No matter how many other entries are there on your lists, arranging the books is always on the top of them. You are constantly arranging them according to their genre, their writers, their colors, storyline etcetera.

  • All you ever want is books!

An office colleague knows as much as your BFF that all you would ever want to find inside your gift bags is books and then again more books! Oh come on because you consider yourself to be the biggest bibliophile ever. And you are happy about it. Nah, you don’t care two hoots about the world!

We have lately been coming across

We have lately been coming across a lot of people who on their social handles are reviewing books that are available in the public domain.

First of all, we are delighted that people are actually reading books. The fact that they are taking out the time to review a book speaks volumes about the fact that they do acknowledge that time that they have invested in reading it.

A review helps the writers the most. It helps to spread the good word about the book.

Now you will agree that a prospective reader will always believe the reader than the author. Honestly, most authors shy away from sounding salesy. And so they welcome reviews, good, bad, in between all; it helps create the buzz around the book.

A good review helps a reader decide if that particular book is for them:

We have consolidated a list of dos when you want to write a helpful book review. Find out here now all that you need to know to write a good book review.

  1.  Honesty:

A good book review is helpful. But more than that it is honest!

You must try to enumerate in all honesty what you liked and what you did not so much like. Liking a book is subjective. So if you didn’t so much like the book or some parts of it, chances are that someone else may. Balance is the key here. Don’t go overboard with too much praise or too much of criticism.

  • A review is for the book in question only:

Be extremely careful not to stray into anything beyond the book. The last thing on your mind must be to make any personal or judgemental remarks on the author, his parentage, his religious views et al.

  • The review must talk about the writer’s skill more than anything else:

The packaging including the book cover and the advertising campaigning surrounding the pre-release and release should hardly concern the reviewer. The review must give only so much of the storyline that will pique the interest of the readers. Apart from that it should list the kind of feelings that it evoked in you and what you personally felt about the writer’s craft.

  • Don’t give away the suspense:

Please not in the review. A reviewer takes care to not include any spoilers in the review because then it becomes counterproductive. So, for heaven’s sake no giving out the killer, the suspense m the mysteries. Never!!

Thinking over for more than two months!

This is something that I have been thinking over for more than two months!

Yes, within that time, I have read through a lot of classic romance that were suggested by friends and family in a bid to understand what is the greatest of the love stories ever written.

Now this was a very personal exercise and I am sure that each one has their own preferences. But over the time I have begun to believe that Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is what epitomises love and romance for me.

A lot of friends with whom I discuss the books that I read do not seem to agree that Romeo and Juliet is a live story in the first place!

I can understand from their animated discussions over coffee and a meat turnover (delicious!) that like most of them they also believe that the Bard never intended to write it as a romance. It was a tragedy and it involved two warring families with a side story about two star crossed lovers who could anything to stay together.

The formula is as old as it is new:

I cannot fail to notice that a romance is well received only when there is a tragedy in the end. Most of the times, when the romance ends on a happy note, it leaves the reader with nothing really to brood over. the classic story of the forbidden romance between Romeo and Juliet in the face of the centuries old feud between their families serves as the obstruction between their happily ever after.

The bigger the obstruction, the more popular the romance will be. The formula of having two lovers from families that are dagger drawn against each other is as old as Romeo and Juliet. Yet, stories that are spun on a similar narrative never fail to create a mark.

 The reasons why this story appeals to my sensibilities:

In spite of its extremely tragic end, the story talks about the intensity of the passion that is there in men and women in their youth; the pleasantness of love at the first gaze as also the pleasure of forbidden love.

Every love story written after it has borrowed even a little bit from this classic. The formula of having two lovers kept away because of enmity between their families is an undying one and we cannot but praise Shakespeare, the master of the craft to have understood the premise so well to have created a classic that is ever so timeless.

There are thousands of websites dedicated to summarising and understanding the play. Each one of them intends to dissect it with precision and the result is stupefying. Shakespeare’s genius still lives in his stories.

Writing a romantic novel

Writing a romantic novel needs plenty of time. You may have the plot within you, but writing it down may seem to be a challenge. There have been many authors that have their drawers crammed with the idea of a romantic novel. Unfortunately, most of them are either just started, in the middle or nearly done. None of these ever went till completion.  Now all are under a pile of dust.

It is common for the writer to start writing the romantic novel with enthusiasm. He starts to write, and the first few words are easy. It is the challenge that comes up after this stage. The author begins to slow down, and the end seems to be far away. Look at more info to learn how to complete your book.

Here is what you can do before you start writing your first romantic novel.

  • Write an outline of your story. It should be of hundred words. You can think about the story for a few weeks and then when you are ready with the plot, write it down. The plot should not take you more than a few hours. The outline should have the names of your characters, the time and place of the events, and the writing that you will focus. Will your writing be sweet and religious or supernatural and passionate? Decide on it in the outline itself if it is a romantic novel that keeps the hero and the heroine away from each other and then focuses on the problem that is not letting them meet. The idea is, what is going to build your story.
  • Read what you have written. The write-up is a snapshot of your book. It is the pitch written at the back of the book that will want the readers to read it or you to write it.
  • If you like, then start with notes. It will help to grow into your story. Expand the write up now and make it at least a thousand words long .Cover on things like the first meeting and the problems that eventually develop into more significant issues. It would help if you also built on the climax scene. Finally, outline how you would be ending the story. It is essential to be concise at this stage and not get carried away.
  • The outline will also let you know how long your story is going to be. Aim to write at least one-tenth of the original book now. After this stage, the final work gets started. You should divide your novel into chapters, and you can write notes here. You will feel tempted to start writing in full length but wait and do not rush. Finish the plan first. You will get all the time to write the story.
  • After the above steps, you can start to write with the details of the book.

Your script is ready

Your script is ready, and you want to get it published. Try this site to know how you can overcome this hurdle to kick starts your career as an author.

There are three options that you can choose. The appropriate one among the three is dependent on the kind of book that you have written.

Hire an agent

If your books are relatively commercial, then this is the standard route that you should choose to get your book published. Most of the medium-sized and large publication houses will not accept your book that does not come through a literary agent. It is best if you can investigate a few agencies and hire them to get your book published.

Submit your book to the publishers directly               

For some kinds of traditional publishing, you would not need an agent. Boutique and small presses will accept if you submit to them directly. If you have written on categories like education, academic or poetry, then the direct submission is possible.

Self-publish your book

You also have an option to self-publish your book. The route is popular among the new authors. The method gives you much freedom. You can write what you wish to and there is a guarantee that the book will be published. You get a large cut on the royalty too. There are, however, challenges involved when it comes to publishing your book independently so make sure that you understand those challenges before you self-publish your book.

You can get your book published through one of the above options. Once your books get listed on the e-commerce sites or the stands of a brick and mortar store, you are an author. Now you need to focus on becoming a self-sustaining author.

After your books are up on sale, you should do some additional work to build upon your success. It is essential that your market yourself that will help to grow your profile. You may think that if you have a publishing company, then they will do the marketing for you. Unfortunately, the majority of their advertisements will only target their top authors. The marketing budget set aside for you will just get spent on trade marketing where your books will be featured prominently in the stores.

You need to play a key role in marketing your book. For this, you may want to hire a publicist or organize signing events and book tours. If that is out of your budget, then make use of the social media platforms to promote your book.

Writing a good book

Writing a good book is simple when you think about it theoretically, yet it is hard in practice. You need to simplify the book writing process. Go to the website that will break down the process into simpler steps. Writing is an art, and you need to practice it regularly. The more you write, the better you start to get at writing.

Plan your book

Do not pick up your pen and start writing. First, plan out your book. The step is especially useful if you are a first time writer. So what should you be planning out in this stage?

Create the profiles of the characters that you are going to introduce in your book. Outline the plot of the book and dabble with the words. The plot is just a plan, and not set on stone. The plan will guide you with a direction when you are writing the book.

If you plan to write a non-fiction book, then it is even more essential to prepare. Every author who writes non-fiction book will first create a book proposal and then start to draft it. It is irrelevant how they want to publish it. The book proposal are the documents that the author submits to the publisher. The report will outline the content of the book and also analyze the potential of the market that are going to purchase the book.

Write like a professional

After you are through with the first stage, it is now time to write the book. Some resources will let you understand how to write a novel or a non-fiction book.

The majority of authors do not write full time. Most of them also do not make a lot with royalties. Even after these, it is vital to treat writing as a profession, which means that one should take out time to write daily to complete the work.

Some authors do not write more than a few hours a day. If you have family and work, then you will have to take out time to write during the day. Some writers may get up early in the morning to write a few pages while others may stay awake late into the night. How you take out time is up to you. You need to ensure that you write every day so that it becomes a habit. If you fail to do this, then you may never be able to complete your first book.

If you want to be a book author

If you want to be a book author, then this is a guide that will let you achieve your dreams. To be an author is not difficult. Just go ahead and publish a book. Self-publishing is an option today, which means that you could write a book this morning and get it published and call yourself an author.

So the question is not to be an author but how to sustain as an author. Many writers have become full-time authors. Regardless of the genre of the book that you want to write, you can use the approaches mentioned here to get your publishing career started.

First, do the groundwork

For a career in publishing, you should start with the foundation. Prepare the lot to make sure that you are ready to enter this profession.

Ask yourself the reason why you want to be an author

Being an author is a commitment, and till you do not know why you are doing it, you are sure to see failure soon. Ask yourself the reason why you want to get into this career stream. There could be many reasons for the same. You may want to be an author for your creative fulfillment or to reach out to readers through your work. You may want to make money writing or want to write to be famous. There could be numerous reasons why you may want to be an author. Investigate this site on how to seek answers to this question.

The kind of book that you will write

You need to figure out the sort of books that you would want to write. To get the answer, you can look through the kind of books that you like to read. You can also choose to write books on topics that you are qualified to write about or issues that you strongly believe.

Once you figure out what you want to write, the next step is to understand the market for your writing.

Who are your readers?

 The market that you need to focus on is the people who would want to read your books. The research does not have to be very complicated. If you’re going to write fiction books, then look at the books in this genre. You need to figure out which author’s work would closely relate to yours, and this will let you estimate the potential market.

If you plan to write non-fiction, then whose problems do you aim to solve? The issue that you want to discuss in your book will let you narrow down to the target market.

Myself looking

I have often found myself looking to vent out my emotions right after reading a particularly profound book. I keep looking out for platforms to post my reviews which are honest so to say.

The need to review a book is particularly strong when I am reading a romance novel. Now I am not a great fan of the pulp fiction or the escapist kinds of literature which includes science fiction and fantasy – no that kind of stuff is not really for me!

A good romance novel without raunchy out of place bedroom scenes can be a good read but where do you think you get them! Have they forgotten to write such good stuff?

The most recent ones that I read were such pathetic versions of romance that I had to shut them on page number 38. I haven’t even looked in their direction yet. They will sit in one corner of my bookshelf till the time I decide to pare down my stuff and off they will go to the recyclers.

Gosh! Do I have a life or not!!

A good romance novel must be sweet and believable. I mean it’s okay if it’s a roller coaster type because we are talking about emotions but going overboard with them sounds sickening. I have not thrown books in the dustbin for nothing.

Are you looking for clean romance novels without the usual erotica, click here for more info on all the books that I have read and enjoyed?

Sample this for what I hate:

A very pretty thing walks into the bank’s office and walks to the most attractive teller there. She enquires about opening an account and feigns ignorance of submitting documents. The dashing stud on his part promises to call on her in the evening to pick up the relevant documents and complete the formalities from there.

In the evenings, when he rings her doorbell, she walks out to the door skimpily clad in only her two pieces. The guy is obviously ogling her curves and before we know it they are rolling over in the bed!

The premises sound so fake and predictable. Where is the writer’s talent in throwing in unsuspecting characters and situations? If I want to read erotica, there are porn websites dime a dozen on the internet. But what I want from a book is a lot more. I invest money in it and invest time and energy to be able to read it.

What do you think about it? Let me know if it’s ‘Yes, Raunchy! Or is it ‘Eww! No way’!!