Does anyone have idea about what blog is

Does anyone have idea about what blog is? If the answer is no, then here is the right place for you to understand. It is nothing but a personal diary that is available for everyone to read and provide reviews. The short form of web blog is called as a blog. It is an informational website. It is a place where people can share their views on a particular subject. A blog for taking its origin may be due to many reasons. It may be personal or business. A blog gets visible to every other by the action of blogging. It is not just the blogging; it is more than the stuff with more informational information. The quality of the blog should also be high. The blog being posted should be creative, trust worthy that helps building good relation with the viewers.

Blogs may be designed with different style and features over time. But, there is a common structure that can details the blog. The structure is designed as:

  • A header with the menu
  • The content area with the posts to be posted
  • A side bar with call on action options
  • A footer with the links to disclaimer, privacy policy and the like

In general, people get confused with the blog and website. A blog is something that needs updation in a frequent manner. A good example is the book review blog in which the reviews of the various books are shared. Here is the index to such a blog. In the blogs, the viewers have the privilege to read the post, convey their reviews and get updates too.

Blogging is the ability of a person to control the blog. They have the qualities like writing posts, publishing the posts, linking the contents and sharing the ideas of a person or a group of persons with similar views. Blogger is the one who deals with the blogs. The main reason for the blogger to start blogging is that they have full freedom to express their own views on a particular topic. The other reasons include; the blogging yields income to the blogger, helps communicating with the larger group of people and the like.

A person can easily become a blogger with simple steps that asks for little basic information. One should be careful about their quality of the content. The content should not affect the feelings of the people in any way.

Writing romantic novel

Writing romantic novels require a great sense of vibrant thought process. It should be interesting and fun to read always. The narration should engage the readers on a happy note. Writers all around the world who write romantic fantasies generally take real life situations and stories either from their personal life or from someone very much related. It is so easy to frame such stories because we have the chronology of sequence that happened. It is just the way we present it matters.

A beautiful story with the right amount of balance between emotions and suspense can keep a lot of readers at stake. Continue reading this novel and you can see yourself get excited. What makes a good romantic fantasy novel?

Of course the dialogues have a great role to play. We must have observed in our lives that the conversation in our relationship always make a huge difference. The ways in which we communicate and express our feelings convey a lot about our love and affection for the person. In the same way, dialogues have to be illustrated and presented well to the readers to get them involved. Also, the characters that govern the entire novel have to be figured well with the necessary distinctiveness so that they get fixed in our hearts. The readers have to get the feel of the characters; sometimes they should be able to even relate themselves so that they will enjoy the forthcoming events in the novel till the end. Too many characters can ruin the beauty of a blissful romantic novel. It can create confusions and mix up thoughts that may not be relevant to the true feelings that need expression. Keep an eye always on how the readers interpret to get the flow of the story.  

Authors tend to give suspense encounters in romantic novels to create a challenge in the lives of the couple involved. Readers generally try to incorporate the roles of the characters involved and assume solutions that they feel are right. At this stage, an author can say he has won a lot of true followers. It requires great expertise to engage the readers throughout the chapters in the novel. However, if the events in all the chapters focus on the characters and their relationship goals, then the quality of romance novel gets achieved involuntarily. When romantic novels end happily, readers enjoy the whole journey in the right spirit..!!  

Getting swayed by taunting surprises

Getting swayed by taunting surprises and beautiful climaxes make a rich novel. When do we get to read? What do we expect from novels? We always get on to a novel while traveling, sometimes before sleeping every night or during a vacation. There are many kinds of readers. Some people tend to like fictions, some like thrillers and certain others like romantic novels. Predominantly, people love real life scenarios being captured and taking different turns to unexpected sequences leading to a climax. We will be kept attached to the pages to move around every single happening. Sandra J Jackson is one renowned author in this arena. She takes you through enchanting and laudable series of events. It is blissful to read on about her and her novels. Find more information here.

She is a very strong woman and has wide thinking. Her novels are strikingly different every time. Promised Soul is one of her best novels. She takes a character and talks about how dreams get intruded. She tries to explain how the character deciphers another soul. The dreams that were haunting the character are just a glimpse of the past life of the spoken character. It drives us in the present, imbibing past memories to the future connecting two souls. Interesting, right? You will get the real suspense as you go forward reading it entirely.

Sandra goes into real life circumstances and ponders more on how beautiful a story could have existed. She has once told her readers that she enjoys writing. She fixes characters, background and an ending first. Finally, she goes into discovering how it can begin and proceed. Her intuitions and inspiring thoughts that follow keep her an avid writer. She believes practice certainly makes a good writer and that we should not get bound with age and related factors.

She loves interacting with and interviewing many other others. She explored together the journey of famous authors like Joy Lynn Goddard, Julia Sutton, Simone Beaudelaire and many more. She believes in her personal experiences and finds courage in all the works that she has pursued. She involves the writers in a way that is so overwhelming that the readers feel themselves part of the real story. Her love and passion towards writing came essentially from telling bed time stories to her kids. Unbelievable, however certainly it has created an endurance that is dragging her thought processes everyday..!! Enjoy fantasy reading and get enthralled. 

The fiction of Dark lord

The fiction of Dark lord or otherwise called Evil Overlord is known to be a villain. In the fictional words it is referred as Moniker and it is considered as the pronunciation of the villain name. The pronunciation of this word will bring them the bad luck and it is thought as sign of bad luck. This type of character acting as a villain will destroy the people around them when they are ruling. The religious term of the Dark lord is usually referred to as Satan. They are found to be the creature who destroys the comfort and peaceful of the lives of people. They disturb the mind of the people and make them as a mad.

The people residing in the Gondar will not even pronounce the name of the DARK Lord as it will give them bad luck. The second Dark Lord called Sauran was the lieutenant to the first Dark lord called Morgoth. The real meaning of the name is dark enemy. The fantasy of the Dark Lord is found to be really powerful and they are the evil creature who is having the great desire for the power.

Dark wizard is one of the examples for the Dark Lord in the literature world and it is from the Harry potter novel. The Dark wizard has earned his place of Dark lord and faced many magical abilities and became more powerful. It is found to be so powerful and the enemies of this are even threatened to spell its name. The wheel of time is very powerful which existed and involved I shape the world into the shadow image. Numbers of goals are there for the Dark wizard and more negative effects are present in his world. This negative effect made the world into ruin and despair. They destroyed the lands of the Middle earth. The dark lords are mainly found to be a male and they are involved in the destruction of the people.

Generally in comics, the Dark lords are found to be the villain by his appearance. The character of the villain has the traditional character appearance which draws more attention of the public and they may be in the position of the businessman or any other role. But the criminal activities of them are kept secret.  Then you could try this out example in the television series under the title of The Dark One.

The French American

The French American fantasy drama film called fairy tale: A True Story is directed by Charles Sturridge in 1997.The film was produced by Bruce Davy and Wendy Finerman. The plot of the film has taken place in the year 1917 in England. The scientific evidence of the fairies is found to be the first evidence followed by the two children who had taken the photograph. The distribution of the film made over internationally and the film was produced by Icon productions. The film was released in the United States internationally on October 24, 1997.

In the 20th century, the World War I taken place in the Europe and it was a place found to be with the conflicting forces. During that period there was a development in the scientific field. People are very interested in the new discoveries. The advancement in the scientific technology leads to the invention of the electric light. Another invention of photography was given and it appeared to the people as a magic .At the mean time the spiritualism came into existence which was championed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This spiritualism is used by him for the wrong purposes and most of the people are affected by this .It disturbed his friend Hanry Houdini and he warned his friend. He criticized that by using the evil forces as a false medium had affected the growth of many families.

Joseph is a gifted artist who was found to be dead at the age of ten. His mother Polly Wright was in deep mourning for the death of her son. She kept safe all the work of her son and also his room. Elsie is her daughter and she was not allowed to play with the toys and not permitted to wear the colors. She has taken the unfinished .The electrification of the mill which is present in the local area has been done by her father. It is the mill, where more number of young children goes for work including Elsie. He is a chess player and one of the amateur photographer. They discovered and shared a fascination with fairies and they got abscond the camera of Arthur to take the picture of fairies and they were in hope to give something Polly to believe in it.  You can visite site of the Fairy Tale to know the overview of this tale which is based on the true story.

Tips for a Budding Writer

Becoming a writer is not very difficult. Anyone with decent command over language and stories to tell can write. The problem is not with writing but with good writing. As a professional writer, the skills required are different from a writer who writes as a hobby. A budding writer who wants to write a novel or tell a story which could be well-liked by the readers should put some efforts into planning the whole process. Here is an article source with some tips for new writers.

1. Writing professionally is different from writing for oneself. A good writer always has a deadline and a goal when he starts writing. Without a deadline, it could become difficult to complete the project. Try and find out the number of words you are able to write in a day comfortably. There will be good and bad days but try to keep to this limit and push the limits to achieve more.

2. It is almost impossible to just sit and start writing with no plan and just a faint idea. Only a few gifted writers can do this. It is better to have a synopsis, an outline, and, an idea of what you want to write about. Preparing before you start writing can prevent writing blocks. It will also give you an idea about the time and effort you will need.

3. While preparing to write your novel, it is a good idea to develop all the characters well. Also, spend time to understand and get familiar with them. You should think of them as close friends. If you know them well, you will be able to imagine the scenes and interactions between different characters in a better way.

4. All established writers say that they prefer sitting down and writing at a particular time and even like to sit in a specific place. This can make you more disciplined and more productive. Choose a time with minimum distractions and stick to the schedule as far as possible.

5. The right equipment and the right tools are also important. Some people like to use a typewriter while some like the old fashioned way of putting pen to paper. If you are going to use your computer then make sure that you have the right software and language programs. The table and chair should also be comfortable as you may have to sit for hours continuously.

6. New writers should desist from editing everything they write. The first draft can have mistakes. Spend time and energy on writing the story before you edit anything. Continuously editing can make you write and rewrite unnecessarily and you may get stuck and not move forward.

Writing can be a lonely activity, so take breaks and also try to find other writers and connect with them when possible. This can help with the creative process.

Writing a Romance Novel

Romance may seem like an easy genre to write but writers will tell you that it is definitely not. Most of the readers of romance novels are smart and not easily impressed. It takes some careful planning and a good strategy to create a good novel. If you are going to pen your first romance novel then read on. Visit this site right here and know more about things which you should keep in mind while writing a romance novel. 

1. Basic Formula: most of the satisfying romance novels have a tried and tested formula. There is no need to change this but you will have to be inventive with the story details. Boy meets girl is the first step. They separate is the second step and they get back together is the third and the final step. There are so many different ways a story can be woven around this to make it unique but sticking to the basic formula is important.

2. Plot Device: a plot device is used to give depth to the characters and to move the story forward. For a romance novel, there are some popular plot devices. Friends who turn lovers, soul-mates who repeatedly separate and then finally have a happy ending, and, looking for a second chance at love after being unsuccessful for whatever reasons. It is up to you to add as many details as you desire. Like a rich playboy, a film star, or, a cowboy will add more texture to your story.

3. Target Readers: most of the readers of romance novels are women and that too in the age group of 35 to 55. Knowing this can make it easier for you to write. Most readers are seasoned and have been reading for many years so they can not be surprised easily. Write in such a way that the readers are able to identify with the characters and situations.

4. Girl and Boy: introduce the heroine with a lot of care. Age, profession, looks, etc. are very important. You know your target reader so create a character that will be relatable. Finding the right love interest for your heroine should seem plausible to the readers. You can give him some imperfections but the readers should fall in love with him along with the heroine.

5. Story and Location: the driving force behind the love story will need some thinking and crafting from you. Any good story will have characters and their back stories to take the story forward. The motivation is important for the story to be good. Along with motivation, the location is also very important. You can make it historical or new-age, small town or multinational.

The most important part of a romance novel is a happy ending. All readers want a ‘boy gets the girl and live happily ever after’.

Many of us might have

Many of us might have tried to write creative fiction but ended up failing. A good novel is something that, unfortunately, only a few can write. It is an art to write fiction, and you need to learn how to do it. Browse around these guys to get you started. Practice, determination, and patience will let you master the technique. You may need help to finish your copy.

A fiction book should have some tension. It draws your reader to your book when there is tension at the start as a character in your book which is not able to save the life of the one he loves or the character not being able to beat his opponent.

The character in our story ultimately wants something. Pick up any fiction book that you may have read in the past. You will notice that the central character ultimately wants to achieve something, and the whole books go around telling its reader how the character achieved what he wanted. It would help if you had compelling characters and characters that have desires and wants that are very strong and will inspire the readers who in turn will want to read more of your book.

When will your reader turn to the next chapter? When you leave a cliff in each chapter. There should be questions that are unanswered at the end of each chapter, which the reader would be curious to get the answer. It is what will not let your reader keep the book down. It means that you need to create new questions every time you end the chapter. The idea is to be as creative as you can be. Fiction books are written to arouse the reader’s curiosity, and if you are not able to spark the interest in your reader, then it will leave the reader with no incentive to go to the next chapter.

The characters in your story have to face many obstacles. The obstacles should be as tricky as you can imagine, and you also have to find a solution on how the character will be able to overcome the obstacle. A fictional work is best when the character has to face tough odds and still comes out victorious in the end.

Understand who your audience is and write accordingly. Fiction genres are of different kinds and narrated in different ways. So know what you reader wants to read.

Deadlines are essential

Deadlines are essential when you are writing a book. If there are no deadlines, then the writer never tends to end their work. Without a deadline, the author will keep improving the prose or tinkering with the chapters of the book as there is always something that the author can change. A writer who works without a deadline is inviting trouble.

Check this to understand the importance of the deadline further.

Always start your book with a great idea. Every book writer has to start writing somewhere, and the best way to start is first to form a plan. There are book ideas that come in varied sizes and shapes, and you can get an idea for your book anywhere. You could get inspired by an article that you have read in the newspaper or a conversation that you had with your friend over a cup of coffee. Your idea for the book should be such that you can narrow it down to a few paragraphs, similar to what you read at the back cover of any book that you pick up. An idea is what will help you to start and finish your book.

Once you have an idea, you need characters to carry out your plan. Fictional books have characters. Non-fiction books also have characters, even if the characters in the non-fiction books are real people. When you form characters for your book, ask yourself what is so unique about the character. Figure out what the character aims to achieve and what are the obstacles that he has to face to reach his goal. Readers like characters that they can relate to, even if the character is flawed. So as the author of a book, you need to make sure that your characters are as impressive as can be.

Emphasizing on the need for a deadline when writing a book, it is essential to note that when you have a deadline in place, you tend to stick to it. It is something that differentiates serious and causal writers. Many writers start a book with all enthusiasm, but then they tend to find excuses about why they could not finish it. There could be reasons like health issues or family worries that are legitimate. However, if you are serious about writing a book, then this should be seen as a career, and you thus have to set time for it. If you have a deadline in place, then it will push you to write.

Here is how you can come up

Here is how you can come up with some great story ideas for your next book. We have several ideas about what to write but as soon as we sit to write everything vanishes. It is something that happens commonly. You waste hours staring at a blank paper, and even after four cups of coffee, you do not have the energy to develop a story idea.

Do not worry and go here to get ideas on how you can pump the creativity and build your story. It will make you write for hours together.

Remember a scene from a book and reinvent it

Think of a scene from one of your favorite books. It need not be a climax scene. It could just be small and not a significant part of the book that you have read. Ponder over the episode and imagine what it would be like to start your story around that scene. Change the characters of the original book and add some of your unique elements to the scene. The idea here is to give you a start and let your imaginations and creativity to run.

Think about someone whom you have lost touch with

We all have had friends from our school and college whom we have lost touch. We had known them very well in the past but don’t know anything about their whereabouts now. How are your old acquaintances leading their lives now is a mystery. Why not use this to form your story. You could pick up one of your old friends that you have lost touch with and imagine what life they could be leading now, the career path that your friend may have chosen or the family life that he may be leading. You can think of anything, and the possibilities are endless. It could give you the drive to kick start your book.

Make use of your junk mail       

Junk mail can also help you to get started with your story. Take two emails from your spam email and use it to form an idea. It would help if you tried to find out what could be the interest of your protagonist or what his profession could be. Browse through a few other spam emails, and you will come across emails from credit card companies, auto dealers, and even women asking you to click on their erotic images. Any of these could be chosen to think of some fun and exciting situations around it. It will give you lots of ideas to write.