Does anyone have idea about what blog is

Does anyone have idea about what blog is? If the answer is no, then here is the right place for you to understand. It is nothing but a personal diary that is available for everyone to read and provide reviews. The short form of web blog is called as a blog. It is an informational website. It is a place where people can share their views on a particular subject. A blog for taking its origin may be due to many reasons. It may be personal or business. A blog gets visible to every other by the action of blogging. It is not just the blogging; it is more than the stuff with more informational information. The quality of the blog should also be high. The blog being posted should be creative, trust worthy that helps building good relation with the viewers.

Blogs may be designed with different style and features over time. But, there is a common structure that can details the blog. The structure is designed as:

  • A header with the menu
  • The content area with the posts to be posted
  • A side bar with call on action options
  • A footer with the links to disclaimer, privacy policy and the like

In general, people get confused with the blog and website. A blog is something that needs updation in a frequent manner. A good example is the book review blog in which the reviews of the various books are shared. Here is the index to such a blog. In the blogs, the viewers have the privilege to read the post, convey their reviews and get updates too.

Blogging is the ability of a person to control the blog. They have the qualities like writing posts, publishing the posts, linking the contents and sharing the ideas of a person or a group of persons with similar views. Blogger is the one who deals with the blogs. The main reason for the blogger to start blogging is that they have full freedom to express their own views on a particular topic. The other reasons include; the blogging yields income to the blogger, helps communicating with the larger group of people and the like.

A person can easily become a blogger with simple steps that asks for little basic information. One should be careful about their quality of the content. The content should not affect the feelings of the people in any way.