Getting swayed by taunting surprises

Getting swayed by taunting surprises and beautiful climaxes make a rich novel. When do we get to read? What do we expect from novels? We always get on to a novel while traveling, sometimes before sleeping every night or during a vacation. There are many kinds of readers. Some people tend to like fictions, some like thrillers and certain others like romantic novels. Predominantly, people love real life scenarios being captured and taking different turns to unexpected sequences leading to a climax. We will be kept attached to the pages to move around every single happening. Sandra J Jackson is one renowned author in this arena. She takes you through enchanting and laudable series of events. It is blissful to read on about her and her novels. Find more information here.

She is a very strong woman and has wide thinking. Her novels are strikingly different every time. Promised Soul is one of her best novels. She takes a character and talks about how dreams get intruded. She tries to explain how the character deciphers another soul. The dreams that were haunting the character are just a glimpse of the past life of the spoken character. It drives us in the present, imbibing past memories to the future connecting two souls. Interesting, right? You will get the real suspense as you go forward reading it entirely.

Sandra goes into real life circumstances and ponders more on how beautiful a story could have existed. She has once told her readers that she enjoys writing. She fixes characters, background and an ending first. Finally, she goes into discovering how it can begin and proceed. Her intuitions and inspiring thoughts that follow keep her an avid writer. She believes practice certainly makes a good writer and that we should not get bound with age and related factors.

She loves interacting with and interviewing many other others. She explored together the journey of famous authors like Joy Lynn Goddard, Julia Sutton, Simone Beaudelaire and many more. She believes in her personal experiences and finds courage in all the works that she has pursued. She involves the writers in a way that is so overwhelming that the readers feel themselves part of the real story. Her love and passion towards writing came essentially from telling bed time stories to her kids. Unbelievable, however certainly it has created an endurance that is dragging her thought processes everyday..!! Enjoy fantasy reading and get enthralled.