Here is how you can come up

Here is how you can come up with some great story ideas for your next book. We have several ideas about what to write but as soon as we sit to write everything vanishes. It is something that happens commonly. You waste hours staring at a blank paper, and even after four cups of coffee, you do not have the energy to develop a story idea.

Do not worry and go here to get ideas on how you can pump the creativity and build your story. It will make you write for hours together.

Remember a scene from a book and reinvent it

Think of a scene from one of your favorite books. It need not be a climax scene. It could just be small and not a significant part of the book that you have read. Ponder over the episode and imagine what it would be like to start your story around that scene. Change the characters of the original book and add some of your unique elements to the scene. The idea here is to give you a start and let your imaginations and creativity to run.

Think about someone whom you have lost touch with

We all have had friends from our school and college whom we have lost touch. We had known them very well in the past but don’t know anything about their whereabouts now. How are your old acquaintances leading their lives now is a mystery. Why not use this to form your story. You could pick up one of your old friends that you have lost touch with and imagine what life they could be leading now, the career path that your friend may have chosen or the family life that he may be leading. You can think of anything, and the possibilities are endless. It could give you the drive to kick start your book.

Make use of your junk mail       

Junk mail can also help you to get started with your story. Take two emails from your spam email and use it to form an idea. It would help if you tried to find out what could be the interest of your protagonist or what his profession could be. Browse through a few other spam emails, and you will come across emails from credit card companies, auto dealers, and even women asking you to click on their erotic images. Any of these could be chosen to think of some fun and exciting situations around it. It will give you lots of ideas to write.