Many of us might have

Many of us might have tried to write creative fiction but ended up failing. A good novel is something that, unfortunately, only a few can write. It is an art to write fiction, and you need to learn how to do it. Browse around these guys to get you started. Practice, determination, and patience will let you master the technique. You may need help to finish your copy.

A fiction book should have some tension. It draws your reader to your book when there is tension at the start as a character in your book which is not able to save the life of the one he loves or the character not being able to beat his opponent.

The character in our story ultimately wants something. Pick up any fiction book that you may have read in the past. You will notice that the central character ultimately wants to achieve something, and the whole books go around telling its reader how the character achieved what he wanted. It would help if you had compelling characters and characters that have desires and wants that are very strong and will inspire the readers who in turn will want to read more of your book.

When will your reader turn to the next chapter? When you leave a cliff in each chapter. There should be questions that are unanswered at the end of each chapter, which the reader would be curious to get the answer. It is what will not let your reader keep the book down. It means that you need to create new questions every time you end the chapter. The idea is to be as creative as you can be. Fiction books are written to arouse the reader’s curiosity, and if you are not able to spark the interest in your reader, then it will leave the reader with no incentive to go to the next chapter.

The characters in your story have to face many obstacles. The obstacles should be as tricky as you can imagine, and you also have to find a solution on how the character will be able to overcome the obstacle. A fictional work is best when the character has to face tough odds and still comes out victorious in the end.

Understand who your audience is and write accordingly. Fiction genres are of different kinds and narrated in different ways. So know what you reader wants to read.