The fiction of Dark lord

The fiction of Dark lord or otherwise called Evil Overlord is known to be a villain. In the fictional words it is referred as Moniker and it is considered as the pronunciation of the villain name. The pronunciation of this word will bring them the bad luck and it is thought as sign of bad luck. This type of character acting as a villain will destroy the people around them when they are ruling. The religious term of the Dark lord is usually referred to as Satan. They are found to be the creature who destroys the comfort and peaceful of the lives of people. They disturb the mind of the people and make them as a mad.

The people residing in the Gondar will not even pronounce the name of the DARK Lord as it will give them bad luck. The second Dark Lord called Sauran was the lieutenant to the first Dark lord called Morgoth. The real meaning of the name is dark enemy. The fantasy of the Dark Lord is found to be really powerful and they are the evil creature who is having the great desire for the power.

Dark wizard is one of the examples for the Dark Lord in the literature world and it is from the Harry potter novel. The Dark wizard has earned his place of Dark lord and faced many magical abilities and became more powerful. It is found to be so powerful and the enemies of this are even threatened to spell its name. The wheel of time is very powerful which existed and involved I shape the world into the shadow image. Numbers of goals are there for the Dark wizard and more negative effects are present in his world. This negative effect made the world into ruin and despair. They destroyed the lands of the Middle earth. The dark lords are mainly found to be a male and they are involved in the destruction of the people.

Generally in comics, the Dark lords are found to be the villain by his appearance. The character of the villain has the traditional character appearance which draws more attention of the public and they may be in the position of the businessman or any other role. But the criminal activities of them are kept secret.  Then you could try this out example in the television series under the title of The Dark One.