The French American

The French American fantasy drama film called fairy tale: A True Story is directed by Charles Sturridge in 1997.The film was produced by Bruce Davy and Wendy Finerman. The plot of the film has taken place in the year 1917 in England. The scientific evidence of the fairies is found to be the first evidence followed by the two children who had taken the photograph. The distribution of the film made over internationally and the film was produced by Icon productions. The film was released in the United States internationally on October 24, 1997.

In the 20th century, the World War I taken place in the Europe and it was a place found to be with the conflicting forces. During that period there was a development in the scientific field. People are very interested in the new discoveries. The advancement in the scientific technology leads to the invention of the electric light. Another invention of photography was given and it appeared to the people as a magic .At the mean time the spiritualism came into existence which was championed by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This spiritualism is used by him for the wrong purposes and most of the people are affected by this .It disturbed his friend Hanry Houdini and he warned his friend. He criticized that by using the evil forces as a false medium had affected the growth of many families.

Joseph is a gifted artist who was found to be dead at the age of ten. His mother Polly Wright was in deep mourning for the death of her son. She kept safe all the work of her son and also his room. Elsie is her daughter and she was not allowed to play with the toys and not permitted to wear the colors. She has taken the unfinished .The electrification of the mill which is present in the local area has been done by her father. It is the mill, where more number of young children goes for work including Elsie. He is a chess player and one of the amateur photographer. They discovered and shared a fascination with fairies and they got abscond the camera of Arthur to take the picture of fairies and they were in hope to give something Polly to believe in it.  You can visite site of the Fairy Tale to know the overview of this tale which is based on the true story.