Writing a Romance Novel

Romance may seem like an easy genre to write but writers will tell you that it is definitely not. Most of the readers of romance novels are smart and not easily impressed. It takes some careful planning and a good strategy to create a good novel. If you are going to pen your first romance novel then read on. Visit this site right here and know more about things which you should keep in mind while writing a romance novel. 

1. Basic Formula: most of the satisfying romance novels have a tried and tested formula. There is no need to change this but you will have to be inventive with the story details. Boy meets girl is the first step. They separate is the second step and they get back together is the third and the final step. There are so many different ways a story can be woven around this to make it unique but sticking to the basic formula is important.

2. Plot Device: a plot device is used to give depth to the characters and to move the story forward. For a romance novel, there are some popular plot devices. Friends who turn lovers, soul-mates who repeatedly separate and then finally have a happy ending, and, looking for a second chance at love after being unsuccessful for whatever reasons. It is up to you to add as many details as you desire. Like a rich playboy, a film star, or, a cowboy will add more texture to your story.

3. Target Readers: most of the readers of romance novels are women and that too in the age group of 35 to 55. Knowing this can make it easier for you to write. Most readers are seasoned and have been reading for many years so they can not be surprised easily. Write in such a way that the readers are able to identify with the characters and situations.

4. Girl and Boy: introduce the heroine with a lot of care. Age, profession, looks, etc. are very important. You know your target reader so create a character that will be relatable. Finding the right love interest for your heroine should seem plausible to the readers. You can give him some imperfections but the readers should fall in love with him along with the heroine.

5. Story and Location: the driving force behind the love story will need some thinking and crafting from you. Any good story will have characters and their back stories to take the story forward. The motivation is important for the story to be good. Along with motivation, the location is also very important. You can make it historical or new-age, small town or multinational.

The most important part of a romance novel is a happy ending. All readers want a ‘boy gets the girl and live happily ever after’.