Writing romantic novel

Writing romantic novels require a great sense of vibrant thought process. It should be interesting and fun to read always. The narration should engage the readers on a happy note. Writers all around the world who write romantic fantasies generally take real life situations and stories either from their personal life or from someone very much related. It is so easy to frame such stories because we have the chronology of sequence that happened. It is just the way we present it matters.

A beautiful story with the right amount of balance between emotions and suspense can keep a lot of readers at stake. Continue reading this novel and you can see yourself get excited. What makes a good romantic fantasy novel?

Of course the dialogues have a great role to play. We must have observed in our lives that the conversation in our relationship always make a huge difference. The ways in which we communicate and express our feelings convey a lot about our love and affection for the person. In the same way, dialogues have to be illustrated and presented well to the readers to get them involved. Also, the characters that govern the entire novel have to be figured well with the necessary distinctiveness so that they get fixed in our hearts. The readers have to get the feel of the characters; sometimes they should be able to even relate themselves so that they will enjoy the forthcoming events in the novel till the end. Too many characters can ruin the beauty of a blissful romantic novel. It can create confusions and mix up thoughts that may not be relevant to the true feelings that need expression. Keep an eye always on how the readers interpret to get the flow of the story.  

Authors tend to give suspense encounters in romantic novels to create a challenge in the lives of the couple involved. Readers generally try to incorporate the roles of the characters involved and assume solutions that they feel are right. At this stage, an author can say he has won a lot of true followers. It requires great expertise to engage the readers throughout the chapters in the novel. However, if the events in all the chapters focus on the characters and their relationship goals, then the quality of romance novel gets achieved involuntarily. When romantic novels end happily, readers enjoy the whole journey in the right spirit..!!